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Breaking News on NBA Trades – Michael Jordan to Rockets

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Breaking News on NBA Trades – Michael Jordan to Rockets

Breaking news NBA trades are the talk of the basketball world right now. It’s just been announced that the Chicago Bulls has traded Michael Jordan to the Houston Rockets. The deal will be completed on July 5th, which is just around the corner.

If you are not familiar with Michael Jordan, he has been around for over 30 years. He is the all time leader in points, assists and rebounds. The Chicago Bulls has a huge fan base and when he decided to retire, they were left in a big hole. They tried to get the services of Carmello Anthony and traded him for a young player that they thought could become a star in the NBA. But they weren’t successful and eventually the Bulls had to trade Michael Jordan for Carmello Anthony.

When the news broke about Michael Jordan quitting, there was a lot of speculation. Some people thought it was because he wasn’t being paid enough, but now it looks like it was because he couldn’t make it on the Lakers anymore.

Now that he has signed a long term deal with the Rockets, they don’t have to worry about losing their all time leader. This means they can rebuild their franchise and have a lot of fun again.

There is no question that Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He has been an important part of the franchise for a long time. And now they will get him back into the limelight.

The Chicago Bulls will get the deal that they need in return for Michael Jordan, which is a two year contract worth approximately $65 million with Houston Rockets. The contract will start immediately and the Bulls will have five years to pay Michael Jordan. This means they will still be able to buy him out in two years if they want to, which is something they may do to keep him happy. So I am sure they’re going to do everything possible to keep Michael Jordan happy in Houston.

So in order to get Michael Jordan back into the organization, the Bulls have to get some help. They have several players they can sign, but what they really need is a superstar player. One of the most coveted players in the NBA right now is Carmelo Anthony.

Now Carmelo Anthony is probably not going to come cheap to the Bulls, but he is a proven winner. His ability to score will be needed and his ability to rebound will be a great asset as well. With Carmelo on the team, it’s hard to stop the Bulls. He can play a lot of minutes and play big minutes if necessary.

If the Rockets can get a good return, they’ll be in a better position to have a very strong contender in the NBA in a very short time. So keep reading for more information on breaking news on the Houston Rockets and Michael Jordan. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in today’s society.