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NBA News and Trades: The Carmelo Trade

In the recent past, there have always been many NBA news and trades that have happened, as well as those which are expected to happen. The most notable among them is the Carmelo Anthony trade, where the New York Knicks traded their second overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft for the Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets traded draft picks for Ty Lawson and Evan Turner from the Sacramento Kings. Of course, when the Carmelo deal was made, there were expectations that the Knicks would take Michael Jordan in the draft.

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However, those were not exactly the case, which is why ESPN released an NBA news release to inform the public about the trade. What the trade means for New York and Chicago is still unknown at this time. Will it make the Knicks better? Will it bring Chicago more championship banners?

However, it should also be noted that even if it brings more championship banners to Chicago, it may bring Chicago more negative headlines. For instance, a couple months ago, former coach Tom Thibodeau was fired due to a disagreement with management over his playing time, which led to him to quit the organization. This may hurt the Chicago Bulls because they have yet to sign another head coach for the 2020-08 season.

In addition to this, the move could mean more attention for the Chicago Bulls, which is something that they really need in order to reach the top of the league. Chicago’s other problem is their lack of depth in key positions. They were expected to draft one of the best point guards in the 2020 NBA Draft, but have not done so yet, and will likely have trouble finding one during the 2020 draft. Also, Chicago has a number of centers who will have to prove their worth in the NBA and will have to play the position regularly in order to prove that they are worth their contracts.

However, there are several advantages for the Bulls, especially if they have a solid point guard in the 2020 draft, and they can then use him or her as a starting point guard in Chicago. Additionally, the Bulls will have a much better chance of winning the NBA title if they sign another star forward, especially if the Los Angeles Lakers is able to sign Kobe Bryant. last summer.

Although this does not look like it is going to bring much in the way of championship banners, there are definitely positives for the Bulls, especially if they sign a high quality star, such as the Chicago native Kobe, in the near future. Whether this move will actually bring more championship banners remains to be seen.